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Design & Build solution for cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail.

To build a profitable cannabis business, entrepreneurs must possess more than a solid idea and Minnesota’s regulatory approval. Success in the cannabis industry is predicated on a meticulously crafted plan, laser-sharp attention to detail, and a team of adept professionals capable of flawlessly carrying out your vision. Our team of cannabis-facility specialists is committed to offering first-class design and build solutions that will help you launch and grow your cannabis venture, every step of the way. Whether you're interested in starting a dispensary, cultivation facility, processing center, or any other cannabis-related business, we're here to provide the necessary expertise from inception to completion. Allow us to support you in developing a forward-thinking, efficient, and profitable location in the rapidly expanding Minnesota cannabis market.

Participating Partners

In addition to the services represented here, we also have access to a roster of other cannabis professionals (such as architects, MEP firms, etc.) that we can call upon depending on your unique needs and situation.

Hawthorne Gardening Company


Built to serve growers of all sizes — from commercial needs to home hobbyists — We are made up of dozens of best-in-class brands that span every growing category from lighting to nutrients, growing environment, growing media, hardware, and many more. Our family of top-tier brands like Gavita, General Hydroponics, Titan Controls, Quest, Botanicare and Mother Earth, to name a few, are backed by an innovative research and development team. We don’t just have the products, we have the skills and technical expertise to apply them to help maximize your grow. Lighting layouts, benching layouts, you name it, we can help you optimize it.

Omega Equipment & Supply


Omega Equipment & Supply is a lifecycle business partner and equipment distributor that can take you from consultation to installation for any cannabis facility. Omega provides future-focused equipment design solutions including, full CAD layout services for equipment & manufacturing, specification & sourcing, custom fabrication, and comprehensive project management services to ensure that your project stays on time and on budget. Omega also provides all the supplies, disposables and line-of-business materials needed to get your facility operational and help you to run your business profitably & efficiently.

Valiant America


Valiant is a leader in consulting, development, project management, and general contracting with a specialization in cannabis cultivation facilities, dispensaries, and commercial development. We take pride in our rigorous safety standards and unsurpassed excellence in all of our facilities across the nation. Strategic partnerships between our suppliers and our specialized management team allow Valiant to expedite projects and reduce expenses. We believe high-quality facilities built with industry-leading quality provide the greatest return on investment to clients. Valiant is committed to designing and building the highest quality, safest, most secure, and visually appealing dispensaries in the cannabis industry. We work to maintain a fair, transparent relationship with all our clients. Need help with your next project? Visit Valiant’s website to discover the specialized services offered.

Temeka Group

Temeka Group

For three decades, Temeka Group has been building memorable interiors for top retailers and organizations; from brands like Vans and Hot Topic to the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville. Today, Temeka Group is bringing that same expertise and long track record of success to the cannabis industry, building some of the most iconic dispensaries in the space. We design, fabricate, and install retail environments that are experiential, functional, and compliant. Retail is evolving, and the Temeka Group has been at the forefront of that evolution for thirty years. We will take your vision and turn it to reality. Visit us below.

Inspire Canna Co.


InSpire is a commercial HVAC&D manufacturing representative and control solutions provider with the experience and intimacy to ensure environmental control is not the limiting factor in your cannabis cultivation facility. InSpire engineers, sources, and commissions equipment from its extensive network of best-in-class manufacturers to deliver the right system for each unique indoor plant environment. By bridging Plant Physiology and HVAC&D Engineering with Finance, InSpire brings optimized cultivation projects to life with the greatest return on investment and lowest risk possible.